1 & 2


White women speaking in monotones,

Thugs on the corner, you pick the color.


Kings and Queens of the Commonwealth 

They have so many flavors of us: sand, beige, high yellow, but it all ends with an "N."

"I feel like a beast when I walk into a room; nobody knows the trouble I've been through." (Silence)

Notes from the underground 

"Nobody cares about this colonized kid and his heart." (Silence)


What's fun and safe to a Gun?

Poverty's paradise 

Niggas on the avenue plotting their demise 

Fields made of concrete 

Here's what love looks like in a container 

The euphoria after the money shot, eyes on the green.

I don't believe in dreams anymore; I am an American. 

Everyone wants ownership over their kids, but someone owns our kids

Lonely men are like loaded guns.