Sad Said the Human to the Sun

Sad said the human to the sun

They don't understand where you're coming from.

There are multiple shoes with toothbrushes on the ledge of a bathroom counter in a house full of kids.

Understand stores on the corner outfitting you for school, furniture outside that cousins jump on trying to beat each other's high.

Understand the man nobody trusts that lives in many households, on every block, and bus stops that harrows at the young ones with lust trying to get to school.

Understand that you had to share socks, and still do by order of the state.

They want safe communities.

Understand you have no name at all so your family is like invisible friends that manifested your destiny.

Dearest Lost ones, listen to what your brother knows for sure---the repetition of this world is a cast iron trick drenched in oil burns that haven’t learned how to dream.

You and I are so sad.

So sad said the human to the sun, you're the only one that understands where I'm coming from.